Prime100 SPD Air Dried Kangaroo & Pumpkin 120g

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SPD Air Kangaroo & Pumpkin is an advanced novel hypoallergenic protein diet designed with low to acute food responsive indications, highly suited as an elimination diet and also for weight management.
Whole Australian Pumpkin and added prebiotics and probiotics provide functional gastro-intestinal support and promotes healthy microbiome in the gut. This diet is ideal for adult and senior dogs.

Key Health Indications:
- Pancreatitis
- Gastritis
- Enteritis
- Colitis
- Diabetes Mellitus
- Food aversion
- Inappetent dogs
- Food responsive enteropathy
- Hyperlipidaemia
- Overweight dogs
- Weight management
- Dermatitis

Ingredients: Australian Kangaroo (whole meat & selected organs), pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, vitamins & minerals, apple fibre, functional oils (coconut, sunflower, algae, flaxseed, evening primrose), postbiotics, chicory root extract, Algimun®, salt, natural antioxidants, taurine, chondroitin, glucosamine.