24Hr DIY Dog Wash

We love all of our doggy customers, even the smelly ones! Bring your furbaby in for a clean in our 24-hour D.I.Y Dog wash!

The dog wash is a convenient and easily accessible service that accepts $5 & $10 Notes and $1 & $2 Coins. There is also the opportunity within trading hours to pay with credit/debit card, just visit us in store and you can purchase a token! The $10 for 10 minute amenity provides shampoo, conditioner, temperate water, a flea and tick wash and blow-dryer all to be used at your preference. There are no appointments needed to ensure your furry friend is clean and happy regularly with ease!

How it Works

  1. Pay at the machine/counter to begin 10 minute wash cycle
  2. Secure your Dog in the wash tub
  3. Make your selection using the dial control
  4. Press button on top of the nozzle to commence wash
  5. Rinse tub and clean when finished



Pet ID Tags

Keep your pet safe with a pet ID tag! Pet ID tags are an essential addition to your pets collar to ensure their best chance of getting home if they are ever lost!

We offer a quick in store service that is customizable to you and your pets details, engraved in seconds! The engraving is included in the tag price with a range of funky designs to choose from!

            Other than a pet ID tag, additional tips to keep your pet safe can include:

  • Ensuring your pets microchip details are kept up to date
  • Registering your pet with local council records, attaching the registration tag to the collar
  • Walking your dog regularly as well as ensuring constant stimulation whilst left at home to decrease the chance of them straying.
  • Ensuring that your pets collar is properly fitted.


Water Testing

Our free water testing service allows our customers to ensure their aquariums environment is ideal for their aquatic pets. This measures the aquarium’s water parameters, more specifically:

  • pH: to measure of acidity or alkalinity of the water.
  • Ammonia: The main waste product from fish or uneaten food that builds up in an aquarium.
  • Nitrate:  a toxic by-product that consumes ammonia in a fish tank.
  • Nitrite: a bacteria that usually follows after a spike in ammonia, it constricts the oxygen exchange to the fishes’ bloodstream.

What’s even better is that we can help you get your water perfect again if something doesn’t look right! Our team has quality advice and knowledge and can confidently help you with any of your aquarium inquiries! There is no need to make an appointment, just provide our friendly staff with at least 30ml of aquarium water in a sealed container to test.


Bird Wing and Nail Clipping

Hesitant on trimming your bird’s wings or nails? Our friendly bird staff are more than happy to help! This can sometimes be a daunting task to do yourself so let us do it for you with our appointment free service! With a combination of over 20 years bird experience, our team is more than confident to handle all birds no matter what size or species! Simply give us a call and let us know what day you are popping in.

Tailored Harness Fitting

Our team is exceptionally skilled in dog harness fitting. This means we can ensure your furry friend is getting the perfect harness to suit their needs! We have an extensive range of brands, styles and sizes that cater for all dogs (and cats!). There is no appointment needed, just simply visit one of our friendly staff in store with your furbaby to get their new harness perfectly sized and adjusted!

Pet Santa Photos 

Santa Claus stops into Pet Destination every year to get a photo with you and your pets! It is our favourite time of year as we get to meet so many human and animal members of our awesome pet community. We welcome pets of ALL kinds to come down and meet Santa; Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice, Snakes, Lizards, Birds & anything in between! Santa visits every weekend in December... stay tuned for this years dates! You don't have to make a booking, it is a $5 donation and BYO Device!! We run lots of specials and other fun activities during the festive season & encourage you to come in and say hello!